Florida - The Sunshine State

Florida is the most southern state in the USA known also as  “The Sunshine State“. Its  name “The State of the Sun“  is justified by the ideal climate : hot, humid summers and mild, dry  winters. Florida is one of the most visited destinations in the world, abundant with unique coast, national parks, wetlands, river flows and intersected completely by a system of waterways and canals. Seven beaches in Florida are among  ten most beautiful beaches in America. One of them is the famous, worldly known,  "Siesta Beach", which has been, officially, declared the most beautiful beach in the USA for years. Every visitor of Florida will have indelible memories of this earthly paradise when he sees  endless sandy beaches, turqoise sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mexican Gulf, all the way to the most southern point “ Key West“ , which is only 80 miles away from Cuba and the Carribeans.

What makes Florida the most stunning are not only mentioned natural beauties, but also the perfect match of  urban, luxury and relaxed life for numerous nations and nationalities that have chosen it as the place for living, schooling, making a career  or  investing.

Therefore our company has decided to present and bring closer  the possibilities of  setting up your own companies, investing in real estate, a possibility for a longer stay, schooling or living in Florida for people from Serbia and  from the entire region.

First of all, we want to present all the advantages of Florida through our themed  travels, but we are also here for all your individual interests that you have toward Florida. You will definitely get the firsthand, top class service, in cooperation with our partners from Florida.


Florida Invest

Florida - The Sunshine State

  • Over 300 sunny days a year
  • The ideal climate for quality and safe life
  • Good schools and family environment
  • Easy establishment of companies and business start-up
  • The available quality properties
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Beautiful beaches and warm sea
  • Sport and Recreation at every step

Florida - The Sunshine State

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Florida on the palm!

Florida on the palm! (888)

  • Autor: Condominium Style
  • 06-Sep-2017

Over the past two months, about thirty of our friends, stayed in Florida and were convinced how it really is living in luxurious settlements of a condominium type, what the "American style" of life looks like, how to travel and meet cities and other places almost all of Florida, how to buy cheap but in good quality, and above all, how to be surrounded by kind, relaxed, smiling people and positive energy that is felt at every step.

By investing up to US citizenship

By investing up to US citizenship (1094)

  • Autor: Condominium Style
  • 23-Mar-2017

In cooperation with our partner from Miami, Keller Williams Real Estate Agency, we are able, for the first time, for the citizens of Serbia and the region to present and offer the opportunity to invest in real estate in Florida and acquire citizenship of the United States!

Promotional trip to Florida

Promotional trip to Florida (1236)

  • Autor: Condominium Style
  • 27-Feb-2017

In the context of promotion and preparation for construction of condominiums in Serbia and the region, our American partners are organizing a promotional trip to Florida. The trip was intended to shareholders, associates, potential investors and all those who would like to experience a more modern, safer, more organized and more luxurious way of living and housing.