If you are thinking about your own  residental area, of buying it, replacing or building it, you are in the right place.The only thing is that we do not sell properties in the way people are used to do. You ask yourself how? Let us think about it together. 

Prevailing culture of residence in this part of Europe which has not changed a lot for decades, is that by buying a place to live you buy square metres: 32, 55, 74, you are able to and as it suits you. What  do you get in these square metres? A living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or bedrooms, perhaps a terrace as well, a basement, a garage...of course, all adapted to suit your needs,  your taste and  financial abilities. However, this culture  or  philosophy of living is changing inevitably. It was  far  exceeded  long time ago across the world and it is time for us to become a part of these changes!...

Wouldn’t  everyone of us in his ideal perception of a place to live want  a piece of land that we could turn into our oasis of greenery and scented flowers, and  a swimming pool that could perfectly match into the needs of our eyes, as well as our bodies? Speaking of bodies, it would suit us perfectly if we had a fitness center in our close surroundings. Nevertheless, we adore barbecues with our friends, and a concept of a “hearth“ is a part of our historical heritage. An ideal option after a stressful day could be relaxing by the fireplace with our favourite magazine or a book  in a pleasant company. If we have small children,  a park in safe, encircled area is the right place for their carefree  play. If there is a bus to take our schoolchildren to school  from our ideal yard, and a mini-bus to take us to work,  the only thing that is left is the door of heaven  to let us in that perfect harmony.

It looks like a fairy tale, unachievable, perhaps too expensive... But, it is not like that. THE DOOR OF HEAVEN really exists and they take you to CONDOMINIUM- a new concept that has already become  a part of everyday life round the world, to the great satisfaction of its supporters and users.

What does Condominium offer to you?

Everything that has been said above. And even more than that. Condominium offers you much wider, safer and top quality life style,  and not only square metres of your own place to live. Square metres  are not and they should not be a measure of your humanity, because it is not a framework for life. However, top quality life in the concept of a condominium does not mean more expensive  life,  as well.  It is only a matter of our deceision  that for a price, perhaps slightly higher than the usual, we get  incomparably better conditions for living. Therefore in communities of a condominium type, we offer shared amenities (such as swimming pool, gym, park, barbecue) by the principle of coexistence of  tenants with similar affinities. And not only that...Problems that are part of our everyday life like unproper maintenance of common spaces, inadequate hygiene, noncompliance with house rules and lack of respecting to needs of others, are only a bad memory. Well organized system of management in a condominium takes care of all of these issues.

Thinking about life, with all said before, safety of those we share our lives with  has a special place. One of the basic principles of living in a condominium is safety that is established and guaranteed  by great number of services and contents that a condominium offers: 24 hours suveillance, reception desk, automatic pole barrier with security at the entrance , special system of identifying tenants...

Our vision is that the people worldwide can, should and deserve to live better and our mission is to make that possible.

Šta Kondominijum nudi

Welcome to the future of housing!

Florida Invest


  • Over 300 sunny days a year
  • The ideal climate for quality and safe life
  • Good schools and family environment
  • Easy establishment of companies and business start-up
  • The available quality properties
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Beautiful beaches and warm sea
  • Sport and Recreation at every step



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Florida on the palm!

Florida on the palm! (1477)

  • Autor: Condominium Style
  • 06-Sep-2017

Over the past two months, about thirty of our friends, stayed in Florida and were convinced how it really is living in luxurious settlements of a condominium type, what the "American style" of life looks like, how to travel and meet cities and other places almost all of Florida, how to buy cheap but in good quality, and above all, how to be surrounded by kind, relaxed, smiling people and positive energy that is felt at every step.

By investing up to US citizenship

By investing up to US citizenship (1548)

  • Autor: Condominium Style
  • 23-Mar-2017

In cooperation with our partner from Miami, Keller Williams Real Estate Agency, we are able, for the first time, for the citizens of Serbia and the region to present and offer the opportunity to invest in real estate in Florida and acquire citizenship of the United States!

Promotional trip to Florida

Promotional trip to Florida (1828)

  • Autor: Condominium Style
  • 27-Feb-2017

In the context of promotion and preparation for construction of condos, our American partners are organizing a promotional trip to Florida. The trip was intended to shareholders, associates, potential investors and all those who would like to experience a more modern, safer, more organized and more luxurious way of living and housing.